Friday, 7 January 2011

Ok, lets get it out the way - - Happy New Year - -
There you go, enough of that stuff as already it's been a bad start to the year and I'm not going into details.

Anyway, onwards and upwards and onto game development. . .

Just before Christmas we were looking into Spoon - and it looked good. It's a very clever idea which enables users to launch desktop apps (and games) from the web with no installs.

Now I wanted to see if it would work with our games so I contacted them, signed an agreement and sent the guys at Spoon the full version of Skin & Bones.

I wasn't sure how this would work as Skin & Bones stores files on the users hard drive for save points, scores etc.
Spoon only had the full version of the game to work with. Not the source code but the .exe that any person would get when buying the game.

A few days later Skin & Bones was launched on Spoon at

I gave it a run through and it works perfectly!
Basically you can now play Skin & Bones (for a limited time before you have to pay) on the web!
This isn't the cut-down Flash version that we made, but the full downloadable version in all it's glory - how cool is that!

The experience with so far has been excellent and I can see them growing massively in 2011. Expect to see more of our games on there very soon.