Thursday, 24 June 2010

360 Stunt!

Ten Ton doing a spin or deciding how to divide up a cake??
In the original version of Ten Ton you could do 360 spins but weren't awarded for it. Now you are in the form of a 360 Stunt Bonus.

If you do a 360 you gain extra points plus more Ninja Skill. If you carry on pushing in the direction you're spinning you can build up a run of 360's.
However, do too many (not disclosing the amount!) and you get a Dizzy Penalty which throws Ten Ton off into the sky and you lose points.

It hasn't been simple to code but it now works well and adds that little bit more to the game.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Still Swinging!

What a terrible title for a blog post!

Anyway, still messing around with the Ten Ton Ninja code and still enjoying every minute of it. I love flinging the little fattie around the screen!

I've added some cool lasers in, which streak across the screen. They look great and are very hard to dodge. The actual laser turrets rotate and track Ten Ton so it makes it very hard to not get hit.

I've also changed how the Ninja Skill bar works. Now it gives 3 special abilities. Build up enough ninja skill and first of all you get extra time - not too exciting, I know.
Build it up a bit further and you initiate a Special Attack which sees our fat hero throwing ninja stars at enemies.
The third time you build up you become invincible.

It's quite a change from the original game but it does make you want to build up your Ninja Skill more rather than just collecting the gems. I might come up with some other skills to include also.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Reset Scores

Donuts in Danger
Meant to reset the High Score table for the Flash version of Donuts in Danger - but forgot!

Just done it now, so you've got no excuse for not trying to get on the leader board now.

Play it HERE

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Playing Around!

The other day I fired up Ten Ton Ninja and ended up spending about 40 minutes playing it. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the game. It's quite strange to have so much fun on a game that you've written yourself.

When the game was released it did receive a vast amount of praise and I do still wonder if a remake/re-design is needed??

Anyway, for the last day or so I've been playing around with the code and am having a fine old time just tinkering and not really making any progress! It's nice to just mess about without any added pressure of trying to make it into something else.

Tonight I'm looking at making a massive scrolling level for Ten Ton to swing around in. Not for any reason, apart from I think it will be fun!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Template

Changed the background and style of this blog as it was boring the life out of me!

I think it looks much cleaner now although the background isn't exactly game related. I'll probably change it another 3 times this weekend, just for fun!