Sunday, 31 May 2009

Engine Work Continues

Work on the platform engine is progressing nicely. I've taken the original Skin & Bones engine, stripped it down and started updating it.
The new game will have a mixture of large scrollable areas, flipped screens and static screens.

I've also done some work on the player characters special abilities. Things like double-jump, firing and some other specials that I'll mention in later posts.
Adam is also currently working on the main character graphics, which I can't wait to get into the game. It's always nice having your main character running around, instead of the temporary one that I've got at the moment.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

"Game B" Engine

Well I'm currently working on the game engine for "Game B".

All I'll say for now is that it's a platformer. Oh and the graphics will be designed by the very talented Adam Lobacz who worked on Skin & Bones and Ten Ton Ninja.

Adam Lobacz is the one on the right!
I know platform games aren't for everyone but I still love 'em! I'm hoping this one will be a bit special :)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Free Game

Addictive 247 are after your help. We want you to help promote our website and if you do you get a Free Game!

It's a really simple idea. Link to the Addictive 247 Games website ( in anyway and we'll let you pick any game from our website for free. Here's some ideas to get you started:

* A simple text link from your site to Addictive 247.
* Mention us on your blog.
* If you're a member of a forum, change your signature link to point to Addictive 247 for a day or two.
* Mention us on Twitter.
* Write an article or game review about one of our games.
* Link to us from any social networking site.

That's just a couple of ideas but I'm sure you could come up with something much more spectacular.

To claim your free game just email us at and give us a link to where you've put your link, and also let us know which game you would like for free. It's that simple!

This offer will end on Friday 29th May 2009.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Decision made!

Well I've finally decided to cancel the project that we were currently working on. It was going to be Super Ten Ton Ninja, the sequel to Ten Ton Ninja (obviously!)

It was a tough choice but I feel that the game wouldn't have offered anything new compared to the free version. Ok, it was going to have all new graphics, levels, enemies etc but underneath it would still be a very similar game. Also, it wouldn't have been free so it would have been extremely hard to get people to pay for it.

Anyway, I don't like starting things and then not finishing them, but hey, that's how it goes. I only spent a small amount of money on the new Ten Ton character and the games HUD, so it was the right time to cancel.

Just for fun here's a small piccie of the new Ten Ton character. He's the one on the right. The other one is his slightly thinner brother!

Also, just realised that this is my first blog post with a picture! That's sad. More piccies from now on, I promise.

Work on Game B will also be starting this week - hurray!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Stuck in the middle . . .

Decisions, decisions!!
I'm kind of stuck at the minute with which direction (game wise) to go in. In the first instance I've already started a new game, the sequel mentioned below, but I'm not sure if it's worth pursuing. I can add quite a bit more to the original idea but I'm not sure if it will sell very well or if my heart is 100% in it.

My other option is to go with Game B, which I'm rather excited about but no work has been done on it yet. I can see a lot of potential for this game, much more than Game A.

It seems like an obvious decision, however, I hate starting a game to then bin it completely. Bit more thought needed me thinks :(

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

We're back!

Well my dev PC is now back up and running as normal - hurray!
Turned out it was the PSU and not the motherboard. Got a new one off Ebay which came today. A quick 10 minute swap and everything seems fine again.

Time to get on with some serious game development now :)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

A new game!

Currently working on a new game. Will release loads of details very soon along with some graphics.

Lets just say that it's a kind of sequel . . . and no (!) it's not the 3rd installment of the "Colin the Coin" games.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Site Down!!

Aswell as my PC giving up the ghost the Addictive 247 website is now down! What a fantastic week this has been!

The website is down due to the bandwidth being exceeded. For today we used over 286GB! Normally we'd only use between 15 - 20GB per day. Our daily limit is about 260GB so the site should be back online at about 01:00(gmt) when the daily allowance refreshes.

It seems that the massive spike in traffic/bandwidth is due to Ten Ton Ninja being featured on Jay is Games in their Weekend Download slot.

The last week or so has been nothing but problems, here's hoping that the coming weeks improve somewhat