Monday, 30 November 2009

Penguin Screenie

Well here's a screenshot to show you the progress so far on "The Penguin Game" (hate that name!!). Click to enlarge it.

You can see the Suicide Penguin stood at the bottom of the screen near some crates. He's only got 1 second left before he goes pop - awww!

I've been playing around with the display for quite a few days now. I hate doing interface stuff for the score etc. Anyway, you can see that everything sits on the right of the screen. This is where you can select which penguin you want to use etc, etc.

Still not 100% happy with it, but for now it's staying as it is so I can get on with other useful stuff. A lot of the graphics are still programmer art or just temporary so I expect the game to look a lot different eventually :)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Dive, dive, dive!

Adam just sent me through the latest penguin graphics - "Diver Penguin" . . . and they look great.

He wears a diving mask and snorkel and shakes his head at you if you fail to get him in water. If he does land in water then he flips upside down and dives down to the bottom, collecting fish as he goes - lovely!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

What's in a name?

I've never had a problem with naming any of my games. The name is usually the easiest part (or one of them anyway).

Skin & Bones, Ten Ton Ninja and Addictive Football all came to me pretty much straight away and I think really fit the games that they became.

However, I'm having problems coming up with a suitable name for my Penguin game. At the moment it sits on my hard drive as "penguin". The obvious choice would maybe be "Penguins"; but that's rubbish!

I've looked all over the net for info on penguins hoping something would jump out at me; but it hasn't. How hard can it be to name a game with penguins in?

All ideas welcome! Please feel free to post them in the comments section of this post or email me at mail[AT]

Best idea wins a penguin (no it doesn't!)

Friday, 20 November 2009

Penguin Fun!

Penguin fun!The small screenie shows two of the penguins in the game.
One is the parachutist. He floats down gently to the ground collecting fish on the way. He's probably the least exciting of all the penguins but he does have his uses.

The other one is the Suicide Penguin!
With rockets and dynamites attached, when he lands he does a 3-2-1 countdown (like in Lemmings) before blowing to pieces. Now that might not sound very useful, but he is.

The explosions he creates can break up ice blocks and destroy other objects that are in the way. If the other objects also blow up then you get a nice chain reaction effect.

The Suicide Penguin is my favourite so far. He has some nice little touches like closing his eyes just before detonation. How sweet!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Enjoying Penguins!

No, not the chocolate biscuit kind, although I do love em!

I'm still having great fun playing around with my game engine which involves penguins. I've just added a Diver Penguin who dives down through water collecting fish and a Gunner Penguin who er . . . likes shooting stuff!

The graphics are so far all "programmer art" (or shit as I like to call them) but Adam is now on the case designing the first Parachutist Penguin. I'll post pics soon-ish.